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Call for Printmakers!

Hello printers! We need you!

Lauren and I have two wonderful printmakers joining us on our inaugural journey. We have room for 2-4 more people who want to be monthly shares! If you love printing, don't have access to an etching press and need it, and hope to be working in a shop regularly, call us! We aren't personal studio spaces, just the shared shop, so this works best for someone who keeps their studio at home, or in another space and needs shop access from a few times a month to a few times a week.

BYO is located in a loft above Liberty Cycles, a vintage motorcycle restoration shop. The space is filled to the brim with old Hondas, Triumphs, Beamers and Harleys, in various states of decay and life. There are two woodworkers in the space, a metalsmith, a miniature skatepark in the works, another printmaker extroadinaire, and ExtraExtra Gallery.
We are a hop, skip, or jump away from:
Philadelphia Brewing Company
Atlantis, the Lost Bar of Kensington
RocketCat Cafe or BellaSera…

Building Walls

After snow delayed our plans we were finally able to get into the new studio space to build some walls and do some cleaning. Special thanks to Sam and my Dad for all of their help. I love my Dad's expertise in the building field-he figured out that we could shoot nails right into the steel I beam to build our walls-awesome! Since then Katie, Sam and Eric continued our spackling efforts and also painted, more pics to come?.....

Early Stages at Richmond Mills

I should have posted this about 6 months ago...

Snowed In....

Lauren and I had grand plans for this weekend. More wall building, shop vac-ing, packing and some moving. We had even enlisted the help of new BYO member Eric. Unfortunately, at least a foot of heavy wet snow has settled over Fishtown, with more coming down. It looks like I'll be spending the day uploading old artwork to my website, and Lauren is at home making cookies and sledding. Lucky New Jersey, with hills and shit.
Some neighbor's car, and Oxford Street: