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Welcome BYO to the Neighborhood

Hey printers, friends, and curious parties!

We'll be having a welcome party on Friday, April 2nd, so visit us during your Fishtown gallery rounds. We're in the same building as ExtraExtra Gallery, at 2212 Sepviva Street.

Meet me and Lauren, plus Lisa and Eric, our printing partners! See if BYO is the right place for you to make a print!

We'll be hanging out from 7pm and after, or earlier...

First Friday in our building is great if you like dudes, booze, dogs , and motorcycles...not your standard gallery fare!

Philly Famous!

Some very nice freelance writers over at the Fishtown Star visited Lauren and me on Sunday, and wrote all about what we're doing at BYO!

If you want to read the article, you'll have to hope on over to Fishtown and find the paper at your favorite pub, coffeehouse, or grocery store. There's no online version of the Star.

But it's worth it to see a nice full spread on page 6 to see us posing with a huge etching wheel, and me enthusiastically holding up the first editioned print to be made at BYO!

To correct a simple error in the article, Lauren is from Berlin, New Jersey. I am from Northeastern Pennsylvania.


P.S. Yes, we will be having a little welcoming party on Friday, April 2nd to kickstart the printing! Visit us to see the space, chat about prints, motorcycles, art and enjoy the awesome weather!

Shop Shots! Finally!

Here are some teasers for you, our printers. The shop, as we're starting to get things into place...Deciding where our inking tables and other work surfaces will live...

Parts of our neighbor's new old press, which has an amazingly huge star wheel.Lauren, after we completed our first workstation, for water baths and blotting paper.