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Water Water Everywhere


IN THE SHOP. It's like my dream has come true.

Spent all of Sunday printing, inking, making marks in soft ground, and splashing solvents.

What a treat (and functional safety feature) to have a sink so close to wash my face after splashing solvents all over myself.

Ran a proof of the largest copper plate I've ever worked on, and barely fits on the press at 14" by 20", and ran the edition of Marriage Beach, which has been due to run for about 3 years.

Have 4 plates ready for the acid bath tonight. MMMMazing.

9th and Spring Garden Street

Bike past this big wheat-pasting everyday and it's just kind of amazing.

Tonight! Tonight!

We're having our welcome party tonight!
Do come!

2212 Sepviva Street

Same building as ExtraExtra Gallery; and they are having a series of performances tonight, including miss Beth Heinly, of Little Berlin fame.

See you there!