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Delayed post from Wednesday....Philly street devils

Philly street devils...
Parking my bike in front of the euro motorworks shop on 2nd street yesterday, and found to my delight this green creature guerilla installed on the sign post!

Later in the day I saw another similar sign in old city, but it was dark out so I could not photograph it. There is a post across from the Ritz at the Bourse and slightly north (on the east side of 4th street) that is worth noticing!

Kudos to this unnamed artist! If I had had a flat head screwdriver, I would have taken a souvenior.

For now, I'm off to the west coast for a week and hope to see some great street art and other exciting things!

Happy Birthday!

Come party with Katie and I as we celebrate our quarter-life crisis!
As usual for First Friday we'll be hanging out at BYO, but the first Friday in August holds a special place as it falls right between our birthdays.
Besides the pleasure of our company that evening you will also get to enjoy a performance printing project by none other than myself. (Some may consider this a Risque show)
Don't forget: the name is BYO and our party is too. Bring anything you like, but please share with the birthday girls.

Stormy Adventures of BYO

Yesterday was perhaps not the best day for a cross-state road trip. Nonetheless, Lauren and I took the day off work and hiked (drove) up to Warminster to visit the excellent Renaissance Graphic Arts, one of the few supply shops for printmakers exclusively. Not open to the public as a store, we went to pick up an order we placed online. It went smoothly, everything was accounted for, and the wonderful ladies in the office were nice, homely, and accommodating. They were excited to hear about BYO!
We picked up some new ferric chloride, LOTS of tarlatan, inks, barens for handprinting, and some soft ground for a performance/print project Lauren is about to start.
POST supply pickup, we continued north through the eastern mountains, and while snaking up 611 (you know, Broad Street...) parallel to the Delaware River, I managed to sneak this photo of the fog coming off of the trees. Later, we got drenched getting to our car from a restaurant in Olyphant, just east of Scranton. We were try…

We need a New Member!

See how this fancy POST postcard is split into quadrants? That's because we are currently a foursome! We have room for one more printer in the shop, who would like the following perks:
Keys to the building, for unlimited 24/hr access. A locker, for storing supplies, and non-flat stuff. 2 Flat file drawers, for storing flat things. A nice place to hang out on First Friday, when our building is abound with activity! Access to a 15" by 30" steel etching press. A nice place to work and make prints. With adequate knowledge, access to some of the machine tools in the building.
If you check through the blog's archives, you'll see that we provide some of the basics, and you supply your own materials for your project, series, experimenting, etc.
We have:blankets, acids, blotter papers, solvents, gloves, tarlatan, newsprint for intaglio big spaces to carve, barens, and the above for relief printing (coming soon) exposure unit and washout for silkscreen
We charge a very minimal mon…

From our awesome Fishtown Star article

Printing the edition of the teacup lady. Come see the print on First Friday July 2nd, the ACTUAL first friday. Those folks in Chinatown are taking the week off and pretending that July 9th is First Friday...which is great, so everyone gets double the first friday goodness!

Relief Printing Workshop at BYO Studio

So I will be doing some hands-on instruction ( a refresher course, mostly) for a neighborhood artist on July 25th, a Sunday morning. We will be going over relief printing, with some experimental stuff, and a focus on printing techniques to do at home (with a spoon or baren).
Holler if you want to get in on this workshop. It'll be fun!
In other news, Lauren and I will be hosting a large student group from Denison University in late August. It'll be a hot, sweaty mess while we teach drypoint intaglio to a bunch of college freshmen! Awesome!
Anyone have an extra press for us to use that day?