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Calling all PRINTERS without PRESSES

Calling all PRINTERS without PRESSES
Visit us on First Friday, September 3rd, 2010 from 7-10pm to see what BYO can do for you. We have some awesome recent acquisitions that just made printing here a lot more...more! Rent is cheap, so is our hourly rate, and space is ample. Join the club!
2212 Sepviva Street, North Loft (come in through the garage doors, head straight back and up the stairs)

Proofs for St John's Cathedral in the Wilderness, Denver, CO

Ran these proofs for some nice folks. They are antique copperplate half-tones, which would normally be used for publications like pamphlets, newspapers, or other mass media marketing, circa 1900. A few are newer, and are more likely zinc with a blue coating. A few are probably not edition quality, but it sure was a joy to print them!

This is now ours

Oh hell yes.
The Whelan Press is a unique etching press, somewhere between traditional presses and proofing presses. The rollers pass over the press bed rather than pushing the med through. What a space saver!
Now, we can print up to 30" wide, and about 45" long. And it rolls like butter. And it has precise pressure gauges. And it's amazing. Did I mention that?
SOO...come print on it!