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etching on Arches Cover, plate is 1/4" by 1 1/4"
Last week my good friend and printmaking buddy, Audrey, was visiting from Austin TX. We had a great time working on some collaborative mono-prints. We made this awesome monotype by drawing with relief ink on a piece of plexi-glass. Our session reminded me how mono-printing is such a great way to learn basic printmaking skills and and experiment with layering colors and textures. If you would like to learn more about mono-prints contact us at BYO! I'd love to teach you!

Thanks Temple folks for the awesome write up!

David Aponte, one of our awesome member printers, was quick and witty enough to bring two Temple Journalism students into our lives this fall! They visited the shop, asked some questions, and met with all our printers. They were eager to learn about printmaking and how art is helping the neighborhood. What we showed them has finally made it into this awesome article all about BYO Print!
Here are some highlights....but check out the full article. There's a nice video too!
I'm showing them what ferric acid looks's what etches copper plates! I keep a spent bottle around for when I need to etch brass too. (Note my re-use of a friend's old Starbucks apron, been using this since college!) Lisa Imperiale lifts one of Lauren's exposed silkscreens to show how old images leave a ghost stain on the silk. Thanks to Norman Fetter & Honeymoon Music for those screens! Three State proofs of an etching being printed in the shop, including the print I pulled for the…

Open Studios Tomorrow!

Tomorrow BYO will open our doors to all the POST'ers in Philly, so definitely come by! We'll be simmering spiced cider and have the rum on hand. I'm going to make an unusual foray into baking and make a spice cake of some kind tonight. It's not to be missed!
We'll have Connie set up for copperplate intaglio printing all weekend, the Whelan set for relief/woodblock/etc, and the cast iron press ready to roll for plexiglass prints. Come on over and experiment!
All members will be exhibiting new work around the shop as well!
Fishtown and Kensington have the most POST artist participants of all the Philly neighborhoods! Visit our neighbors too at Part Time Studios, and all the artists working hard at the Viking Mills Building, just to name a few.