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Thanks Temple folks for the awesome write up!

David Aponte, one of our awesome member printers, was quick and witty enough to bring two Temple Journalism students into our lives this fall! They visited the shop, asked some questions, and met with all our printers. They were eager to learn about printmaking and how art is helping the neighborhood. What we showed them has finally made it into this awesome article all about BYO Print!

Here are some highlights....but check out the full article. There's a nice video too!

I'm showing them what ferric acid looks's what etches copper plates! I keep a spent bottle around for when I need to etch brass too. (Note my re-use of a friend's old Starbucks apron, been using this since college!)
Lisa Imperiale lifts one of Lauren's exposed silkscreens to show how old images leave a ghost stain on the silk. Thanks to Norman Fetter & Honeymoon Music for those screens!
Three State proofs of an etching being printed in the shop, including the print I pulled for the students (far right). I'll put one aside for you, Lauren M!

Once again, thanks for featuring us! We're Leos, so we love the attention!

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