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Happy Holidays!

"Merry Christmas!" Woodcut, 5 x 7
I printed my Christmas card at BYO last week marking my 1 year anniversary of printing on Connie (the shops little etching press). A year ago BYO was just starting up and Katie invited me to come see her studio and use her press. My woodcut Christmas card was a hit so I decided to make it a holiday tradition! Many thanks to Katie and Lauren, this has been a really awesome year for printmaking.

We are cold and have not posted

Oops! BYO Print has been busy getting ready for the holidays. We've been crafting and printing and winterizing our space and haven't had time for blogging!
I attended the grand opening of Second State Press this past Saturday, and while they are technically 'competition,' they young folks in charge are very nice and I think that the more printshops in Philly the better! Come print etchings with us, but they have a lithography situation that is pretty tops.
I've also just picked up a guest blogging gig over at Handmade in PA, and will be posting every other Tuesday about all things Philly in the art and craft community. Sooo, look for my posts there!
Other news, Lauren and I were finally able to start winterizing the shop (our semi-open floor plan is great for easy of access and spaciousness, but not the best for heating). We've hung a plastic ceiling over the printing area and will continue the ceiling over the rest of the shop this week. Our landlord l…