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The Miss Rockaway Armada in Philadelphia

This is some pretty exciting news so listen up!

The Miss Rockaway Armada is a group of artists that come together from near and far to build "floatillas", floating sculptures made from urban debris, and repurposed architectural/ industrial/ mechanical materials. The artists are builders, sculptors, printmakers, performers, musicians all living and working together to promote new ways of thinking about materials, habitats, community, and travel.
It's kind of hard to describe, you really need to see them in action. And you will have a chance to in the upcoming months. Sponsored by the Pew Foundation and Hosted by the Philadelphia Art Alliance, the Armada is taking over Philadelphia with a fleet of floatillas, parades, marching bands, all sorts of shenanigans, and a huge exhibition at the Art Alliance.
Want to see the construction in progress? Visit the build site anytime to take a look! 313 S. Broad Street
Want to join the Armada in a parade with your own souped up bike? al…

Printing for 70 Rupees to Paradise Road

Hi folks!  I've been secretly assisting Rebecca Goldschmidt, the proprietress of The Random Tea Room, in organizing the festival, 70 Rupees to Paradise Road .  Mostly to do with artists and google spreadsheets, BYO Print became one of the festival's sponsors when we agreed to print a very unique object for the festival, the rupee box!  Artists exhibiting during the festival donated a piece of artwork to a raffle, a fundraiser for the historic boat that this all takes place on, The Gazela (docked at Penn's Landing, BTW).  Each artist will receive a large silkscreen when they drop off work, which is a flat meant to be cut out and built into a sea chest!  Artists are encouraged to personalize their sea chest, but they will all share the same basic shape and printed elements.  The rupees, or raffle tickets, will go inside throughout the week until the closing party on July 30th when the winners of each artwork are drawn and announced.  How fun!
Also, as an etcher mostly, this i…

Call for Submissions: New Prints, NYC

International Print Center, New York, NY

New Prints 2011/Autumn
November 3, 2011 – January 7, 2012
In keeping with our mission to promote the greater appreciation and understanding of the fine art print, IPCNY
presents a selection of new prints several times per year. New Prints 2011/Autumn will be the 40
 New Prints
Exhibition and the 5
 in IPCNY’s new Gallery at 508 West 26
 St, Rm. 5A.  The opening will correspond with
Print Week in New York.  Please note: The exhibition will tour to the Visual Arts Center at The University of
Texas, Austin from January 27 to March 10, 2012.  Please submit to this special exhibition!
Criteria for selection are:
• Only original fine art (limited edition and unique) prints are eligible; reproductions of other artwork such
as drawings or paintings are not acceptable.
• Selections will represent a broad diversity of sources, geographical and otherwise.
• Prints must have been completed within a year of the submission deadline.

Our newest member: Caroline Garcia Ziegler!

Welcome to the BYO Print family, Caroline!

Here's one of Caroline's mixed up fairy tales!

According to her own blog, Okay Hooray! this block is based on a doodle from her sketchbook.  This first layer, with some hand coloring is just the beginning! Stay tuned to her blog to find out just how she added the color, and for more layers!

Caroline was recently an Artist in Residence at the Print Center of New Jersey, and taught several classes there.  She'll be teaching a class August at Peters Valley Craft Center, focusing on relief printing and book binding.  I need a lesson in bookbinding...come to think of it....

Anyway, on behalf of BYO Print and our printers, welcome to the family!