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Members Exhibition at The High Wire

2012 House Tour!

Hey Printeresting! Thanks for visiting our little shop last month; we were happy to show you around. We got things 'cleaned up' for our guest, and took some photos of our own. The shop will be open again for East-of-Broad P.O.S.T, as Katie opens her studio on the third floor to the art-loving public.

When you enter, you'll see that you're still very much in a home, just a home for printmaking... The Charles Brand and Conrad Presses greet you right away!
The view from the kitchen (yes! We have one!) looking back to the front of the house.
A little felt mermaid by Caroline Garcia Ziegler watches over the Whelan Press.
Our little wash-up and paper-soaking stations. Lots of soaps.
We made our floating ink stations out of a reclaimed skylight diffuser from an old farm! (Thanks Re-Store!)
The big Whelan. This hybrid press has a roller that moves over the bed, instead of the other way around.
Our etching presses, Charlie and Connie, get the most action around here.
Upstairs, …

Will Printing Save Bookstores?

I'm not usually one to re-blog, but this contraption that Printeresting has posted is just wonderful.

Will Printing Save Bookstores?


BYO PRINT Member, Lisa Imperiale will be selling her woodblock prints, block printed cards and notebooks, and unique print inspired gifts at this year's ART FOR THE CASH POOR.  Hosted by Inliquid at The Crane Arts Building, AFTCP is designed to connect local artists with local art appreciators and collectors. All works at the show are priced under $200 to encourage a wider range of folk to add to or begin a collection of fine art. Be sure to stop by this weekend!! 

This Saturday! Kinetic Sculpture Derby and Art Time!

       BYO Print will be at this year's Trenton Avenue Arts Festival on May 19th!  
Meet our members, and take a print home perhaps!

The Trenton Avenue Arts Festival is a neighbor-led arts festival celebrating the visual, culinary, and musical artists in the East Kensington section of Philadelphia (and beyond).  Held in conjunction with the Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby, our festival is unique in that it features a kinetic parade of handmade sculptures that roll, spin, or hop through our neighborhood, starting and ending at the fest.  Local restaurants and food trucks come out to serve our finest foods, and local brewery, Philadelphia Brewing Company, is there to serve those of legal age their current brews.  Fresh and local live music anchors the festival, and hundred of artists, including us, will be there to offer their craft to you.  It's a ONE-OF-A-KIND event!

Last year, BYO Print members printed on site to raise funds for our upcoming move, and expansion to offer s…

Madeline Adams at James Oliver Gallery


I am in a two person exhibition at James Oliver Gallery. Although it's focusing on my paintings and drawings, I do have some prints on display (and ask for them!). There will be a closing reception on March 24.
James Oliver Gallery 723 Chestnut Street, 4th Floor (walkup) February 11th- March 24thJOG presents its first show of the new season, exhibiting works from artists Madeline Adams and Emily Chatton. The show, curated by JOG explores the organic focal points of modern chaos in both natural and urban settings. The amorphous form and the grid abound in the works of the two artists.Former Philadelphia native Emily Chatton unites her classical PAFA training with unusual contemporary materials such as mylar and resin, in pieces that explore her passion for the natural world. Chatton's use of light, transparency, repetitive imagery, and patterns create a dream-like atmosphere for her imagery to reside in, reinfo…

Call for Print Exchange

Here is a print suite exchange posted to our facebook page:

They are looking for prints relating to the Madonna, Virgin of Guadalupe, and motherhood in general...edition size is 15, cost to participate is $20.

Check out the link for more information if you're interested.

In other news, Happy New Year!