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2012 House Tour!

Hey Printeresting! Thanks for visiting our little shop last month; we were happy to show you around. We got things 'cleaned up' for our guest, and took some photos of our own. The shop will be open again for East-of-Broad P.O.S.T, as Katie opens her studio on the third floor to the art-loving public.

When you enter, you'll see that you're still very much in a home, just a home for printmaking... The Charles Brand and Conrad Presses greet you right away!
The view from the kitchen (yes! We have one!) looking back to the front of the house.
A little felt mermaid by Caroline Garcia Ziegler watches over the Whelan Press.
Our little wash-up and paper-soaking stations. Lots of soaps.
We made our floating ink stations out of a reclaimed skylight diffuser from an old farm! (Thanks Re-Store!)
The big Whelan. This hybrid press has a roller that moves over the bed, instead of the other way around.
Our etching presses, Charlie and Connie, get the most action around here.
Upstairs, …