Monday, February 13, 2012

Madeline Adams at James Oliver Gallery


I am in a two person exhibition at James Oliver Gallery. Although it's focusing on my paintings and drawings, I do have some prints on display (and ask for them!). There will be a closing reception on March 24.

James Oliver Gallery
723 Chestnut Street, 4th Floor (walkup)

February 11th- March 24th

JOG presents its first show of the new season, exhibiting works from artists Madeline Adams and Emily Chatton. The show, curated by JOG explores the organic focal points of modern chaos in both natural and urban settings. The amorphous form and the grid abound in the works of the two artists.

Former Philadelphia native Emily Chatton unites her classical PAFA training with unusual contemporary materials such as mylar and resin, in pieces that explore her passion for the natural world. Chatton's use of light, transparency, repetitive imagery, and patterns create a dream-like atmosphere for her imagery to reside in, reinforcing the feel of nostalgia and memory in pieces often inspired by her own history.

Madeline Adams' work explores connections and idiosyncrasies in the natural world, through the medium of painted abstractions that use color and layering to make contrasts of concealment and revealment. Unsuspected moments are both an inspiration and a welcome outcome of her working methods. Patterning and spontaniety organize the organic forms in her work, creating images that are both chaotic and comfortable, like nature itself.