Friday, August 31, 2012

2012 House Tour!

Hey Printeresting! Thanks for visiting our little shop last month; we were happy to show you around. We got things 'cleaned up' for our guest, and took some photos of our own. The shop will be open again for East-of-Broad P.O.S.T, as Katie opens her studio on the third floor to the art-loving public.

When you enter, you'll see that you're still very much in a home, just a home for printmaking...
The Charles Brand and Conrad Presses greet you right away!

The view from the kitchen (yes! We have one!) looking back to the front of the house.

A little felt mermaid by Caroline Garcia Ziegler watches over the Whelan Press.

Our little wash-up and paper-soaking stations. Lots of soaps.

We made our floating ink stations out of a reclaimed skylight diffuser from an old farm! (Thanks Re-Store!)

The big Whelan. This hybrid press has a roller that moves over the bed, instead of the other way around.

Our etching presses, Charlie and Connie, get the most action around here.

Upstairs, the silkscreen lab gets great light from the Southeast.

Lots of screens, stacking drying racks, and a little library of useful information.

Our DIY exposure room is built into what was once the linen closet.

Down in the basement, we etch. And store things. And launder towels. 

Well, that's the shop in a nutshell! Come visit and see the rest. Don't forget to pet the cat!