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Meet Your Maker- An Inside Look at Fishtown’s Creative Economy

What Comes of It - Thursday November 14th & Saturday Trolley Tours CITYWIDE

Join us at BYO Print this Thursday November 14th, from 5-9pm for the opening of What Comes of It; the work of Jason Chen and Sara McCorriston of Paradigm Gallery & Studio.

Jason and Sara are BYO Print's first Artists - In - Residence! This show will highlight the work completed during their A.I.R. and anticipate projects to come in the future.

What Comes of It
Jason Chen and Sara McCorriston, Paradigm Gallery & Studio
@ BYO Print
155 Cecil B Moore Ave, Space A
Philadelphia, PA 19122
Thursday, November 14th
5-9 pm.

Also this week, we are a stop on the CITYWIDE Trolley tours, catch the trolley at 319 N 11th Street, and take it to our studio and others in the neighborhood to see the exhibition exchanges as part of Citywide. There are three trolley loops occuring simultaneously, and you can also take a different trolley to see BYO Print members' exhibition, Collective Impressions, at Paradigm Gallery & Studio in South Philly.

Complete List For CITYWIDE Exhibitions and Events

Upcoming CITYWIDE Events
Friday, October 25: 6-10pm, BYO Print: Collective Impressions, at Paradigm Gallery + Studio

Friday, November 1:
5-­7pm, Paradigm Gallery + Studio, Locale, Opening reception at The Painted Bride (hosted by InLiquid Art + Design)
6-­9pm, The Soapbox, Reading Room, Opening Reception at Highwire Gallery
6-­10pm, FJORD and Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Opening reception at FJORD
6-­10pm, FJORD and Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Opening reception at Tiger Strikes Asteroid
6-­10pm, Rebekah Templeton, Ben Will and Sarah Eberle, Opening Reception at Grizzly Grizzly
6-­10pm, Traction Company, subTRACTION, Opening reception at NAPOLEON gallery
6-­10pm, Vox Populi, Fort Thunder Attacks... Again!, Opening reception at Space 1026
6-­10pm, ART/ASSEMBLY, Feedback Loop: An Interactive Critique of CITYWIDE, Opening reception at Practice
6-­11pm, Mount Airy Contemporary, North by Northwest, Opening Reception at Marginal Utility
6-­11pm, Opening receptions at Vox Populi Gallery:
‐ Basecam…

BYO Print <---> Paradigm Gallery for CITYWIDE EXCHANGE

BYO Print is participating in CITYWIDE: a collective exhibition - November 2013.
During the month of October, BYO Print will host two Artists-in-Residence from Paradigm Gallery. The fruits of their work in our space will be exhibited through the month of November at BYO Print.
Learn more about our first A.I.R.s here: Sara McCorriston Jason Chen
Read more about CITYWIDE and the other exchanges happenings this fall:

CITYWIDE is a proud recipient of a Knights Challenge Grant. Contact us for ways to donate, and help us reach our goal to match funds from Knights.

Guest Printer Jessica Barber exhibits at Twenty-Two Gallery in Philadelphia

Jessica came to BYO Print last month to print some large lithos (polyester) at our shop for this show. Check it out if you're in the neighborhood! The show is up through July 7th, 2013.

Where: Twenty-Two Gallery              236 S. 22nd St.              Philadelphia, PA

Artist's Statement:
Jessica Barber takes a highly intuitive approach to her work, drawing inspiration from a variety of subject matter. Most often, she captures the essence of the human form in a loose, expressive manner, using color and texture with graphic accents as her primary focus. She views mixed media as the ideal way to communicate her vision, employing a combination of painterly monotypes, direct application of oil and pastels, and the addition of polyester plate lithography and other transfer methods.

In this exhibit, Jessica Barber’s mixed media and fine art prints concentrate on symbols of our industrial past: what is left of structures no longer in use, now relics of an often forgotten period of prosp…

BYO Members @ Art For The Cash Poor

BYO Members Lisa Imperiale, Karen Powers, and Mike Sgier will be selling their work at this year's Art For The Cash Poor. If you are not familiar, you do not want to miss out on this fantastic event.

Hosted by InLiquid at the Crane Arts Building, Art for the Cash Poor is a fabulous annual block party-style art sale that allows art lovers the chance to meet the artists, see their work first-hand, and begin or add to their art collections without breaking the bank — all in a fun, family-friendly atmosphere.

Come out for some fun! Come out to say hello to us Printmakers! Come out to find something to fill that lonely and empty wall above your couch!!


2013 has already been a year of great change for us at BYO Print! We moved our shop from 2206 Coral St to our new home at Sharktown Studios, 155 Cecil B Moore Ave. We welcomed many new members! Visit the "Meet the Members" page to see work by Kevin Mann, Shawn Smith, Christiane Moore, and Mike Sgier, our new members since January. 

Friday night we held a small gathering at the new spacebut made a big announcement!

This summer, we will become the new owners of a lithography press and a large collection of stones! We are excited to be adding lithography to the supported practices of the studio, and eager to learn more about how a litho shop runs. For an intaglio gal like me, I've got a lot to learn!

Soft Opening: First Friday

We've moved in to a great new space and want everyone to see. Join us at the new studio May 3rd from 6pm-10pm for a soft re-opening party of BYO Print.

Downstairs, Gravy Gallery & Studio will be celebrating their second anniversary. We feel a special kinship with our building neighbors, as we both got our start at Liberty Cycle Studios, and have both moved into bigger and better suited spaces at Sharktown Studios this spring.

Hooray for new beginnings!!

Progress Photos of our new space!

Some shots from our move over the past month. Yesterday we had a great day with two guest printers working in the new space, and Karen and I unpacked and organized tools and inks. The shop is looking good!

Hiatus for Guest Printers

While we get ready to move BYO Print into its new home, the shop will be closed to guest printers.

We'll re-open to visitors and guests on April 15th, 2012 at 155 Cecil B Moore (3rd Floor) at Sharktown Studios, an artists warehouse building just a hop-skip-and-jump away from Frankford Ave.