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BYO Members @ Art For The Cash Poor

BYO Members Lisa Imperiale, Karen Powers, and Mike Sgier will be selling their work at this year's Art For The Cash Poor. If you are not familiar, you do not want to miss out on this fantastic event.

Hosted by InLiquid at the Crane Arts Building, Art for the Cash Poor is a fabulous annual block party-style art sale that allows art lovers the chance to meet the artists, see their work first-hand, and begin or add to their art collections without breaking the bank — all in a fun, family-friendly atmosphere.

Come out for some fun! Come out to say hello to us Printmakers! Come out to find something to fill that lonely and empty wall above your couch!!


2013 has already been a year of great change for us at BYO Print! We moved our shop from 2206 Coral St to our new home at Sharktown Studios, 155 Cecil B Moore Ave. We welcomed many new members! Visit the "Meet the Members" page to see work by Kevin Mann, Shawn Smith, Christiane Moore, and Mike Sgier, our new members since January. 

Friday night we held a small gathering at the new spacebut made a big announcement!

This summer, we will become the new owners of a lithography press and a large collection of stones! We are excited to be adding lithography to the supported practices of the studio, and eager to learn more about how a litho shop runs. For an intaglio gal like me, I've got a lot to learn!