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Guest Printer Jessica Barber exhibits at Twenty-Two Gallery in Philadelphia

Jessica came to BYO Print last month to print some large lithos (polyester) at our shop for this show. Check it out if you're in the neighborhood! The show is up through July 7th, 2013. Where:  Twenty-Two Gallery               236 S. 22nd St.               Philadelphia, PA Artist's Statement: Jessica Barber takes a highly intuitive approach to her work, drawing inspiration from a variety of subject matter. Most often, she captures the essence of the human form in a loose, expressive manner, using color and texture with graphic accents as her primary focus. She views mixed media as the ideal way to communicate her vision, employing a combination of painterly monotypes, direct application of oil and pastels, and the addition of polyester plate lithography and other transfer methods. In this exhibit, Jessica Barber’s mixed media and fine art prints concentrate on symbols of our industrial past: what is left of structures no longer in use, now relics of an often forgotten per