Saturday, April 27, 2013

Soft Opening: First Friday

We've moved in to a great new space and want everyone to see. Join us at the new studio May 3rd from 6pm-10pm for a soft re-opening party of BYO Print.

Downstairs, Gravy Gallery & Studio will be celebrating their second anniversary. We feel a special kinship with our building neighbors, as we both got our start at Liberty Cycle Studios, and have both moved into bigger and better suited spaces at Sharktown Studios this spring.

Hooray for new beginnings!!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Progress Photos of our new space!

 Some shots from our move over the past month. Yesterday we had a great day with two guest printers working in the new space, and Karen and I unpacked and organized tools and inks. The shop is looking good!
Stage 1: Get everything in that isn't an etching press.
Stage 2: Move the presses & and level the bases.

Stage 3: Impulse buy printmaking things (like this huge bookpress)

Stage 4: Rig sink with shower hookup for clean screens and hands.

Stage 5: Put things that always get in the way on castors.

Stage 6: Admire the shop coming together nicely.