Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Complete List For CITYWIDE Exhibitions and Events

Upcoming CITYWIDE Events
Friday, October 25: 6-10pm, BYO Print: Collective Impressions, at Paradigm Gallery + Studio

Friday, November 1:
5-­7pm, Paradigm Gallery + Studio, Locale, Opening reception at The Painted Bride (hosted by InLiquid Art + Design)
6-­9pm, The Soapbox, Reading Room, Opening Reception at Highwire Gallery
6-­10pm, FJORD and Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Opening reception at FJORD
6-­10pm, FJORD and Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Opening reception at Tiger Strikes Asteroid
6-­10pm, Rebekah Templeton, Ben Will and Sarah Eberle, Opening Reception at Grizzly Grizzly
6-­10pm, Traction Company, subTRACTION, Opening reception at NAPOLEON gallery
6-­10pm, Vox Populi, Fort Thunder Attacks... Again!, Opening reception at Space 1026
6-­10pm, ART/ASSEMBLY, Feedback Loop: An Interactive Critique of CITYWIDE, Opening reception at Practice
6-­11pm, Mount Airy Contemporary, North by Northwest, Opening Reception at Marginal Utility
6-­11pm, Opening receptions at Vox Populi Gallery:

‐ Basecamp, Groups & Spaces
-­Magic Pictures, Magic Pictures at Vox Populi
-­Marginal Utility, visual effigy 2008-­‐2013
-­Space 1026, Afterlife
-­Termite TV Collective, Surveys

Saturday, November 2:
2-­5pm, NAPOLEON, As first as exactly, Opening reception at Traction Company
6-­9pm, PRACTICE, PICTURE DAY (exhibition), Opening Reception at Mt. Airy Contemporary
Wednesday, November 6:
5:30-­8:45pm, All of CITYWIDE, CITYWIDE Meet and Greet, inside the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Friday, November 8:
6-­9pm, Highwire Gallery, At One and the Same Time: An Exploration of Poetry and Art, Opening
Reception at The Soapbox
6-11pm, Vox Populi, Fort Thunder Attaks... Again! A night of noise, drums, masks and wrestling at Space 1026

Saturday, November 9: 7pm, Oof Animation Collective, Thanksgiving Dinner, Screening at AUX

Wednesday, November 13: 
6:30-­8:30pm, NAVIGATING CITYWIDE: A Panel Discussion moderated by Richard Torchia. 
Panelists: Matthew Higgs, Nicola Trezzi, Salem Collo, Julin, Kaytie Johnson at The Stewart Auditorium at Moore College of Art and Design.