Equipment and Supplies

Our equipment:
Connie: Conrad Etching Press: 15" by 30" (steel bed)
Charlie: Charles Brand Etching Press:22" by 44"  (steel bed)
Whelan ProPress: 30" by 45"  
Conrad Combination Press, permanent LITHOGRAPHY set up: 24" x 44"
XL Light Table / Exposure Room (for silkscreen)
Pexto 36" plate shear (NEW!)
Multi-Purpose Sink for Silkscreen, etc
Additional Slop sink in hall
Ferric Chloride Bath
XL drying rack
Flat files
Kitchenette (fridge and microwave)

We stock and share:
ferric chloride acid
putty knives
etching needles
a few aprons
wax paper
phone books
solvents: spirits, veg oil, vinegar
gloves, for acids/solvents and inking
reference books
other miscellaneous things

You are Responsible/Recommended to BYO:
matrix (woodblock, copperplate, plexi, screens, polyester plate, etc)
tools you definitely need to use
inks and any additives
grounds, and prepping materials (check first to see if you can use it here!)
paper for proofing and editioning 
gloves, aprons, rags
anything specific to your project!

To keep the rent at BYO Print affordable; we encourage you to bring the majority of your materials.  While we do stock the things listed above; we appreciate it when you BringYourOwn.